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Heart Surgery

Heart surgery, also known by the name of cardiac surgery, is the specific kind of surgery performed over the heart or over the vessels connected to heart. A heart surgery is performed over by a well qualified and experienced heart or cardiac surgeon. A patient is subjected to heart surgery in order to treat medical ailments related to coronary arteries, bypass grafting, and correction of congenital heart aliments, treatment of heart valves and in more severe cases heart transplantation.

The treatment of heart ailments through the means of heart surgeries was not prevalent earlier because the operations over heart valves were not done. The procedures and processes of cardiac surgery changed upto a great extent post Second World War. The came the revolutionary open heart surgery that widely opens the patient's chest and the surgery is performed over the heart. In the phrase open heart surgery, the word 'open' implies at chest and not towards the heart.

There is another kind of heart surgery that is known as intra-cardiac pathology. This specific kind of heart treatment is performed amidst bloodless environment where heart is made to stand still and drained of its blood.

In the contemporary medical scenario, heart surgeons perform off pump bypass surgery, also known as "coronary artery bypass surgery". This surgery is performed in such a way that the heart is allowed to beat during the surgery is in progress. It is rather stabilized in order to provide a suitable operative environment.

A latest and the newest kind of heart surgery is showing great acceptance and popularity. This high technology oriented heart surgery is assisted by a medically programmed robot. In this kind of heart surgery, machines are controlled and operated by an experience and technically enabled heart surgeon. One of the important and the prime advantage of this kind of heart surgery is this that minimum invasion and a minute incision is made into the body of the patient. In conventional kind heart surgery, the incision made onto the chest of the patient has to be big enough to allow the hand of the surgeon to be able to operate upon. In this robot-oriented kind of heart surgery, the incision is very minimal thus to accommodate smaller mechanical hands of the robot.

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